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This category will have all of our Baby Wipes, Scented & Unscented Baby Wipes. We usually stock the BJ's Berkely & Jensen Brand Soft Strong Cloth-Like Unscented Baby Wipes. With Aloe & Hypoallergenic.
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Berkley & Jensen Unscented Baby Wipes Aloe Vitamin E 900 Count
Berkley & Jensen Unscented Hypoallergenic Extra Gentle Baby Wipes Aloe Vitamin E - 9 x 100ct
Our Price: $66.00

Berkley & Jensen Brand Unscented Baby Wipes 900 Count

Berkley & Jensen Brand Vitamin E & Aloe-infused formula ensures gentle, no-irritation use, Alcohol Free. Plush, Soft, Ultra Strong Quilted Cloth-like Material with Cleansing Pillows, Extra Thick, soft, strong wipe helps keep the user clean. These baby wipes are made with a thick high quality textured material that cleans gently & completely. Each wipe is Pre-Moistened with aloe & vitamin E and is gentle enough for use anywhere on a baby's delicate skin. The unique re-closable lid keeps wipes fresh & moist. Strong but delicately soft coth-like wipes in a convenient & portable package that is a great fit for diaper bags, backpacks, cars, changing station, etc. Made in the USA.

These Berkeley & Jensen wet wipes are great for use in Adult or Child Daycare, Preschool, Montessori & K-12 Schools, Hospitals, Group Homes, Assisted Living, & Home Use.

Includes 9 packs of 100 wipes each for a total of 900 Wet Wipes - 7.5"L x 6.9"W (approx.)
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This category will have all of our Baby Wipes. Scented & Unscented Baby Wipes. We usually have in stock the BJ's Berkeley & Jensen Strong & Soft Plush Cloth-Like Unscented Baby Wipes.