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This Category Lists ALL of our 100% Daycare Juice Concentrate Blends, by the 'Pre Mixed Case' of Juice Concentrate.

With ALL of our Daycare Juice Concentrates, you Simply Mix 16 Ounces of our 100% Fruit Juice Blend Concentrate with 1 Gallon of Water. One 1/2 Gallon of our 100% Concentrated Juice makes 4 Gallons of Juice. One FULL CASE of our 100% Concentrated Juice makes 24 Gallons of delicious Daycare Juice. The juice concentrate itself does NOT need to be refrigerated. You only refrigerate the portion of juice that you have mixed with water. Then put the cap back on the juice concentrate bottle and put it back on the shelf. YES, the concentrate is Shelf Stable, even after you had opened it. Only the part you mix with water needs to be refrigerated.

Don't let other online discount daycare Juice Concentrate Suppliers, Juice Concentrate Distributors & Fruit juice concentrate companies fool you..... Compare our ingredients to their's ..... Compare how our Juice taste to their's, YEP, Just as Tasty & Delicious, Yet, in most cases, RPPsupply has the cheapest, lowest & Best Prices on Daycare Fruit Juice Concentrate. This is Great Concentrated 100% Juice Blends for Child Care Centers, Adult Day Care Nursing Home & Child Daycare Centers. PREMIUM JUICE at economy discount prices! Compare our Daycare Juice to other Juice Distributors and juice brands & any other fruit juice distributors or juice suppliers that you might be dealing with*.

Each flavor is a unique blend of 100% pure fruit juice concentrate, water, natural & artificial flavor, color, citric acid, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), sodium benzoate and potassium Sorbate (as preservatives).

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  1. Each Bottle of our 100% 7:1 Daycare Juice Concentrate Blends Make 4 Gallons of 100% Full Strength Fruit Juice
  2. Each Case of 6 Bottles of our 100% 7:1 Daycare Juice Concentrate Blends Make 24 Gallons of 100% Full Strength Fruit Juice
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  4. Makes the most delicious tasting 100% Fruit Juice at the most Affordable Price.
  5. Our Concentrated Juice is great for Daycare Centers, Child Care Centers, Nursing Homes, Cafeteria's, Soup Kitchens, Group Homes etc.
This is the end of our 100% Daycare Juice Concentrate Pre-Mixed Case List. Thank you for viewing all of our Daycare Juice Concentrates, and we hope to do business with your Daycare, Childcare, Cafeteria, Food Bank, Group or Nursing Home, etc., soon!